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Who we are and what we do


Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council was formed following a consultative postal ballot in the summer of 2015, in which 70% of the votes cast supported the establishment of a town council.

An interim town council was formally created on 1 March 2016, with the first 24 councillors being elected in May 2016.

We were established as a ‘parish council’ and one of the first resolutions of the Council was that we should adopt the status of ‘town’. Our roles and responsibilities remain the same as those of a parish council.

We are the first tier of local government and are funded by a precept, which is paid by the residents of Sutton Coldfield via the Birmingham City Council council tax.

We have a range of discretionary powers which means that we can commission or provide certain local services. These may be services which are transferred from Birmingham City Council or new services.

During our first few months of operation, virtually all the services that were previously provided by Birmingham City Council were still provided by them. One of the main exceptions was the floral decorations provided across Sutton Coldfield during 2016, which were funded by the Town Council.

In October 2016, we agreed a plan that identified a number of projects that we wanted to pursue over the next 18 months. More detailed planning is being undertaken and we hope that residents will begin to see the new projects in practice during 2017.




The Mayor

Councillor David Pears is the current Town Mayor.

The Role

The Mayor represents the Authority and its area, connects the present day with history and acts as a symbol of continuity.

The Mayor has two distinct roles:

Civic role

The Mayor is the first citizen of the town. Within the town, he or she has precedence over all but members of the Royal Family and the Queen’s deputy, the Lord Lieutenant. In their civic role the Mayor meets with individuals and communities to honour them for their contribution to the life of the town, and to promote civic pride. The Mayor may also be a member or patron, ex officio, of a number of organisations. The role of Mayor is distinct from that of Councillor and the Mayor acts in a non-political manner when carrying out the civic role. The Deputy Mayor attends functions when the Mayor is unable to do so.

Chair of Council

The Mayor also chairs meetings of the full council so that its business can be carried out efficiently, with regard to the rights of councillors and the interests of the community.

The Mayor upholds and interprets the constitution and ensures that the council meeting is a forum for the debate of matters of concern to the local community.

The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events held in the town, further details can be found of the Mayors Page.

The Leader

Councillor Simon Ward is the Leader of the Town Council and oversees the operation of the town council.