Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council is backing the Eco Sutton Campaign after learning that the town’s air quality could be impacting on the health of young people

John Heywood of Eco Sutton presented research to the Planning and Highways Committee last night (Tuesday 5th December).

He outlined research that has been carried out into the air quality in the town, following extensive testing and analysis during school term times and in holiday periods. The study, which was funded by the Town Council and the Postcode Lottery, shows that pollution levels in the High Street were particularly poor, reaching 42 micrograms of pollution per cubic metre of air. If this was the mean annual reading, then the legal level would be exceeded. The readings in Jockey Road also give rise for concern.

Chairman of the Planning and Highways Committee Councillor David Allan commented:

“The committee was alarmed to hear that the town’s highest areas of pollution are on the regular route of many students from Sutton College, Bishop Vesey’s and the Girls’ School.

“We will be asking colleagues on the Town Council to read this report in detail and consider what action we can take to reduce pollution levels in Sutton Coldfield. Our work on reducing traffic outside primary schools will be part of a wider solution, and the promotion of electric vehicle technology by the Mayor for the West Midlands is also an important step.

“We would also urge Birmingham City Council to prioritise its existing work to improve air quality in our town.”


John Heywood of ECO Sutton commented:

“We appreciate the Town Council’s support on this serious issue. Cutting carbon emissions in our Royal town poses a particularly big challenge due to the high number of car owners: there are more cars per head of the population of Sutton Coldfield than anywhere else in the country. However, we hope that car users will start to balance the great convenience of driving against the proven health risks for children.


The full report is available via the Committee agenda