Town Council funds Changing Places facility for Gracechurch Centre

Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council has agreed to fund a Changing Places room in the Gracechurch Centre.

The decision to spend £40,000 on this much needed facility in the town centre was taken by the Council’s Amenities, Leisure and Community Services Committee meeting on Wednesday 17 January. The decision comes amidst a high profile national campaign to increase the numbers of these specialist toilets.

Gracechurch Centre Manager Angela Henderson said: “We were approached over a year ago about installing a Changing Places room and at the time we did not have any adequate space.

“We have since investigated possibilities and we propose to alter our Customer Services Office to accommodate the Changing Places facility which is sited on level one of our car park next to our Shopmobility scheme and parking for the disabled. It is an ideal space for anyone needing these facilities and will be easy to access on this level.”

Councillor Louise Passey commented: “I have been working exceptionally hard on this project during the past year for Sutton Coldfield to have a ‘Changing Places’ Toilet. I’m very excited that residents and visitors to the town will now be able to benefit from this very important facility. I have spoken to many families recently for whom this will make a significant difference. This is yet another fine example that our Town Council is committed to being inclusive and accessible to all regardless of need or disability.”

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