Town Council responds to City Council statement: “Now is the time for action”

Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council has given a response to Birmingham City Council’s draft Policy Statement: “Working Together in Birmingham’s Neighbourhoods.”

At Full Council last night Councillors discussed the City Council’s consultation on how it will work with existing town and parish councils and local neighbourhoods to improve local services and make them more responsive to local needs.

Councillors fully endorsed the identified need for more effective partnership working arrangements to be developed and welcomed the recognition that town and parish councils, as the level of elected local government closest to the people they represent, are well placed to provide additional local services and to take on more services provided by the City Council.

Leader of Sutton Coldfield Town Council, Councillor Simon Ward commented: “We welcome the principle of more devolved decision making to help improve local services and have been pressing for this kind of approach for some time. However there remain concerns over the resourcing and pace of change within the City Council. The people of Sutton Coldfield have already chosen their model of local governance in a referendum several years’ ago. Therefore discussions on an appropriate devolution deal must be progressed in parallel with, rather than await the outcome of, the current city-wide consultation exercise.

We are determined that the residents of our Royal Town will get the local representation they voted for. Birmingham City Council have kept us waiting for too long. Talk of a Devolution Deal has so far been just that. Now is the time for action.

“We urge Birmingham City Council to work with us in developing a local Charter and devolution deal for Sutton Coldfield.”

The full response to the consultation is available on the Town Council website – click the link here


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