Town Council puts residents’ health and wellbeing top of the agenda

Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council has pledged to put the health of the town’s residents at the forefront of its work in 2019.

At the Amenities, Leisure and Community Services committee this week, councillors agreed to form a new sub committee to lead on this work.

The decision comes in the wake of a major health and wellbeing report which was presented to full Council in October. The report was commissioned by the Town Council and written by Alison Seabrooke, who was Chief Executive of the Community Development Foundation for over 10 years and now advises organisations on policy and community matters.

The report includes a thorough review of public health data for the town, census information and data from a number of relevant bodies on social inclusion, loneliness, crime and social care provision. It also includes feedback from a series of interviews conducted with local churches, charities, voluntary and community organisations as well as statutory providers, e.g. the NHS, Public Health and Adult Social Care.

The report outlines a number of health and wellbeing priorities for the town. It recommended that the Town Council worked with residents and the voluntary sector to improve the quality of life of an aged and aging population, improve the quality of life of those cared for and their carers and improve the lives and opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

This report comes hot on the heels of the Town Council’s Community Awards and Volunteer Reception held in October, where more than 40 groups across the town had their work recognised.

Councillor David Pears, Chairman of Amenities Committee, commented: “Our Health and Wellbeing committee will lead and co-ordinate the agenda working with the very many organisations that are active in this area. We want to join up the good work that is already happening across the town.

“Our Royal Town is a great place to live and work with a unique demographic and social profile. The Town Council has a key role to play in ensuring that the health and wellbeing needs of our community are met.”

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