Sutton Park

Sutton Park is the jewel in the crown of our Royal Town.

The park dates back as far as the 9th century and it was presented to the people of Sutton Coldfield by King Henry V111 in 1528  following a request by Bishop John Vesey, a friend of the King. The charcoal burning that took place in the Park is thought to have given Sutton Coldfield the second part of its name.

Today you can still step back in time and explore its enchanting ancient woods; meander through the purple heather grasslands; navigate the wonderful wetlands or take in the calming views of one of its seven beautiful lakes.

With an informative and helpful visitor’s centre, organised walks and holiday events, a donkey sanctuary, a golf course, several eateries to take a well-deserved pit stop and two children’s play areas there is something for everyone.

Visit our map to plan your next visit. Where will you go?


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