There are two Council’s covering the town of Sutton Coldfield, both of which exist to provide services to residents.

Sutton Coldfield Town Council functions as the tier of government closest to the community.  The Town Council has a variety of powers and duties accumulated over time through legislation.  All of these powers and functions impact directly on the community and include:

  • provision of allotments and cemeteries
  • the award of grants to the community
  • the promotion of entertainment and the arts
  • planning (where the Town Council is a statutory consultee )
  • recreation
  • traffic calming
  • the care of war memorials

In addition the Localism Act 2011 has provided town councils with a general power of competence which gives eligible local councils “the power to do anything that individuals generally may do” as long as they do not break other laws.

Birmingham City Council is responsible for providing most local authority services in the town including:

  • waste collection
  • education
  • highways
  • transport planning
  • social care
  • housing
  • libraries
  • leisure and recreation
  • environmental health

Information on all of these services can be found on the Birmingham City Council website


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