Mayor’s Challenge

What is the Mayor’s Challenge?

Every year, the elected Mayor has the opportunity to engage with young people via the Mayor’s Challenge.  The Challenge is different every year and decided on by the Mayor.  The Challenge is designed to encourage young people to engage with the community and make lasting improvements to the Town.

The Mayors Challenge 2017

This year the Mayor, Councillor David Pears wanted to discover the Junior Eco Champions of Sutton Coldfield. He therefore invited local schools to develop a range of environmental project.  To support their efforts, each school that applied has been provided with funding of £650 specifically for projects that will enable them to become even greener and cleaner whilst also encouraging children to spend more time outside being active.

The final part of the challenge will take place in March 2018 where a panel including the Mayor, will select the top three schools who have made the greatest impact using their initial funding. These schools will then be awarded a further grant of £500 to continue to make enhancements to their project, the environment, sustainability and wildlife in their school.

Applications for the Mayor’s Challenge 2017 have now closed.

Congratulations to the 23 schools that applied this year.  We are looking forward to seeing your projects and the impact you have had on the local environment.

Past Mayor’s Challenges

The Mayors Challenge 2016

The Mayor’s Challenge in 2016 was called the ‘Pick up and pass it on’ challenge. 30 infant and junior schools in Sutton Coldfield took part and made a difference to their community every day by agreeing to pick up one piece of litter or debris and carrying out one good deed a day to help their teachers, peers or families.

18 primary schools took the challenge even further and participated in the Junior Council Session with the Mayor Charlotte Hodivala and other council members. Between them they agreed on ideas to improve the health and happiness of children and benefit others in the community.

The three final recommendations that the young delegates decided upon were:

  • Trim Trail – a nature and exercise trail that would get the whole family activities be free to use and encourage residents to learn about their wonderful parks and exercises to keep them fit and healthy.
  • Benches, Plants and Living Walls – more benches, plants or living walls throughout parks or shopping centers to brighten up the town.
  • Helping the Homeless – a fact sheet for local organisations and schools containing information about homelessness and how you can help the homeless, , for example places to donate old blankets and clothes.

School children that took part received a pin badge from the Mayor.

The trim trail design has been finalised and is likely to be installed in New Hall Valley Park in early 2018 as a result of the Mayor’s Challenge and the children’s ideas.


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