The Council

Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council was formed following a consultative postal ballot in the summer of 2015, in which 70% of the votes cast supported the establishment of a town council.

An interim Town Council was formally created on 1 March 2016, with the first 24 councillors being elected in May 2016 representing 4 wards. Town Councillors are elected every four years, with the next election due in May 2018.

The Council was established as a ‘parish council’ initially and one of the first resolutions of the Council was that we should adopt the status of ‘town’. Our roles and responsibilities remain the same as those of a parish council.

We are the first tier of local government and are funded by a precept (which works out at a little less than £1 a week), which is paid by the residents of Sutton Coldfield via council tax to Birmingham City Council and given to the Town Council to commission and provide certain local services. This means that decisions which affect you are being made at a very local level and can be shaped and delivered in response to local needs.

The Town Mayor and the Deputy Town Mayor are elected each year at the Annual Town Council Meeting. Their duty is to act as the public facing image of the Town Council and their role includes meeting the local community, networking and supporting local events within Sutton Coldfield. The Town Council also appoints a Leader whose job it is to assist the Town Clerk in the day to day running of the Town Council.

There are three committees made up of Councillors who work closely with the Town Clerk and the small team, to make decisions based on the actions within the

strategic plan.


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