Strategic Plan

The Sutton Coldfield Town Council Strategic Plan was published in September 2017.

Following intensive consultation and collaboration the document sets out the key actions the Town Council will undertake over the next two years.

The key actions are directly linked to the Town Council’s overall corporate priorities. These priorities are to:

  • represent Sutton Coldfield’s interests on key strategic issues facing the town
  • work with the local community and partners to ensure that the town becomes a more vibrant, better served, more prosperous, cleaner, greener, safer and inclusive place in which to live, work and enjoy life
  • enhance the organisational management, capacity and efficiency of the Town Council in addressing the needs of the community

The Strategic Plan 2017 provides a clear direction to guide the Town Council in its crucial formative years to achieve the initial corporate priorities and details a comprehensive framework to shape future activities and actions.

The Annual Report 2017/18

The Annual Report summarises what has been achieved between April 2017 and March 2018. Fuller details can be found elsewhere on this website. The report includes an update from each of the committees, an overview of the strategic work the Town Council is engaged in and a summary of many of our projects.

The Annual Report 2016/17

The Annual Report summarises what has been achieved in the relatively short period the Town Council has been established.  It provides an update from each of the committees and the projects developed to date.


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